Baron K. Hopgood MInistries

"The Servant"

Holding a name that exemplifies royal power and strength Baron Hopgood is a native of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Born to Charles and Lura Hopgood, was a young man destined for success. Baron began preaching at the tender age of 3 and went into full time ministry at 12 years old. Along with committing to God and fulfilling his purpose, Baron founded Destination Ministry and travels as a National Evangelist for the Church of God in Christ. He currently serves under the leadership of his Bishop & Pastor Malcolm W. Coby. 

 In 1997, Destination Ministries was founded through prayer, fasting and a God sent desire to help propel the people of God to a place of victory. Ministering under an unusual prophetic and healing anointing, Baron has witnessed God bring about both physical and spiritual change. Pastor Baron is convinced God’s message is simple (3 John 1:2) says “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” With this holistic approach, Pastor Baron equips and empowers churches, leaders and members to make wise biblical decisions in respect to maximizing their potential in life. 

 Through this revelation, Baron has founded BHE Holding, Inc., Hopgood Holdings, LLC,. 

 Currently, Baron Hopgood has engaged on a journey that led him to launch many initiatives. One of those initiatives is “The Encounter Gathering”, which is a movement that aids in the restoration of confidence, motivation, and determination of God’s people. 

 Baron Hopgood is a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a motivational & inspirational speaker, an accomplished and distinguished businessman, a devoted family man and has a passion for God. Baron Hopgood has survived the worst season of his life with a victory report to tell. With that being said Baron Hopgood is proven, tested, tried, redeemed, restored and still standing. 

The Ministry

Baron Hopgood started Baron Hopgood Ministries and Destination Institute with a strong desire to be obedient to God’s word and fulfill his purpose. He also wanted to help those who wanted to help themselves. He has allowed God to use him in such a way, that his ministries not only exist to glorify God, but help God’s people find their ownentrepreneurial spirit within them and prosper. The ministries use comprehensive strategies to equip God’s people with the strength, motivation, and confidence needed to step out on faith and become a risk taker. The ministries serve as a education system to help believers recognize, develop and implement principles proven for success in business and vision fulfillment. The knowledge acquired through this concept measures how receptive a person is to new experiences, ideas, motivation and deliberate approaches to accomplishing tasks. Destination Institute helps you identify a sense of your own ability to get things done and control your own destiny.

The objective of the ministries is to change lives through spiritual insight, economic empowerment and the diligent pursuit of excellence. We believe that through assisting the church in properly establishing businesses that individuals who attend this course will be equipped with the knowledge to succeed in business.

"The Mandate", "The Encounter Gathering"

 The Encounter Gathering with Baron Hopgood Ministries is a movement that aids in the restoration of confidence, motivation, and determination. Pastor Hopgood has developed a cohesive and strategic approach to possessing the greatness that God has ordained for each person. We strongly believe, ”what God has for you is for you!” Therefore, a fulfilled destiny is a promise that you seize. “The Encounter Gathering” is all about, providing you with the tools you need to seize your destiny.

 Together, we will answer the question, “Can these dry bones live?” Drawing from God’s Word, we’ll discover how only the life giving words of faith, hope and confidence in God’s ability could prophesy resurrection to a valley of dry dreams. “Interrogate your Environment” is Pastor Hopgood’s cadence and call to action to speak words that will breathe supernatural life and shape the success of our tomorrow.